The 2020 Jeep Gladiator Testing Was Intense

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While the 2020 Jeep Gladiator is ultimately a response to Jeep fans’ unwavering desire for a pickup truck, the brand didn’t choose to produce this truck just to satisfy the average driver. Jeep forced the Gladiator to endure seriously rigorous testing, making it clear that they’re not taking the pickup game lightly. We’ve got the scoop on Gladiator testing, and you may want to dig in.

Put to the Test, Literally

The Gladiator testing took place in Yucca, Arizona. It’s here that the Chrysler testing grounds live. Combining back-road excursions with hilly climbs and terrain-based crawls, this landscape is clearly designated for testing trucks like this one. Really, it’s obvious that this is far from a forgiving stretch of earth.

The Claims That Jeep Birthed From the Gladiator Testing

According to Jeep, the upcoming Gladiator truck is the most off-road capable mid-size pickup truck…ever. That’s right, they’re claiming the truck’s ability to kick up dirt over an entire history of automotive pickups.

Another claim has to do with treading water. Testing revealed that the truck can manage up to 30-inch puddles (well, maybe that’s more than your average puddle).

The five-link coil front and rear suspension system works well under pressure, as do the lockable heavy-duty Dana 44 front and rear axles. Moreover, the largest brakes in the segment help to manage all the towing and hauling that this pickup truck is truly capable of.

Oh yeah, about that towing and hauling. A best-in-class payload capacity of 1,600 pounds and best-in-class towing of 7,650 pounds are well-known results of the Arizona-based Gladiator testing. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; these metrics prove that the all-new Gladiator is no novelty act.

Many Metrics to Sift Through

Unless you’re a true off-road enthusiast, the metrics that came of the Gladiator testing may seem difficult to sift through. For the lot of you, we’ve got the rundown on this pickup: a solid 84:1 crawl ratio and a maximum 11.1-inch ground clearance. Yep, sounds good to us.

Not only did the Gladiator deliver, but it did so in harsh conditions. This truck managed a nearly 3,000-foot climb in under 12 miles. Now that’s some heavy hitting.

An Inspiring Ad to Show It Off

This Gladiator testing is clearly no secret, as Jeep put out an entire video advertisement showing it off. We presume they’re proud of what they put this pickup truck through, and I guess we would be too. After all, it didn’t do half bad in the infamous King of Hammers race, where it finished sixth overall in a competition where finishing in and of itself is a feat to be proud of.

Only time will tell how the 2020 Jeep Gladiator truly performs in the real world. Given their reputation from the Wrangler, we feel pretty confident in taking their word for it in the meantime.

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