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ok, I am pregnant, or I have conceive a 2020 Launch Edition Gladiator! I am one of you. Von 43847532. The Jeep Wave email confirmed they were holding my reservation and I have an order for a White 24Z JTJS98. It's very amazing to me this happened. As I see more information I will pass it on to you voyeurs out there and I will be watching you too. Please pray for us, so it comes out healthy. God speed Supplier Park.
Jeepster, Red LE looks great! Thanks for the pictures for us waiting gives us hope. I noticed your phone in the cupholder. There is a slot in between the two cup holders, if you would like to place your phone in that slot it will fit nicely. I get it. When it's new you may not use cupholders for beverages. Hope that is a good idea for you. Drive safe!