The drama of getting a Gladiator Launch edition


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May 7, 2019
I've been following this vehicle since the wranglerforum announced it well over a year ago.
Saw the public display in LA in Dec 01,2018.
Saw the first email on April 2nd. Granite Crystal is added to the available colors for the Launch Ed.
I was able to sign up for one on April 3rd like many of you, 1 day before general public. I signed up 15min after the website opened.
On April 4th, someone called and provided the very worst "Concierge service" I've ever witnessed. I was left hanging for nearly a month.
On April 30th, I was again called by the Concierge service looking for a guy named Matt. They had the wrong name tied to my phone number.
I told him I was still interested. Both dealerships I mentioned didn't pick up their phone so the Concierge service told me they would call me on May 1st.
On May 1st, I again got a call. This time, I called my dealership in the morning to get a phone number that would be picked up when I called.
So finally, the Concierge service contacted the dealership and I'm in business, whatever that meant.
The Concierge service was a total waste of time and effort.

Many of you are confused why you didn't get a VON assigned to you for the Launch editions. I think its because they are still working through the list based on priority of entry. Just because your dealer figured out early how to get a Launch Edition vehicle doesn't mean Jeep is going to sell you one.

Now I'm learning that the Launch Ed in Crystal Granite won't be delivered until late July / early August. What's the point of calling it a Launch Edition? I was hoping these were pre-made vehicles. Not the case. I don't have my VIN or VON #s yet either so I may just have to live with my beautiful 4 month old Ocean Blue Rubicon and deny my dreams of owning a Jeep Gladiator. Dealer will give me details tomorrow.

Are many of you having similar problems?