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Given Time, the Gladiator Crusher Commercial Proves its Emotional Effect

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In their latest media escapade, Jeep pulled out all the stops to appeal to the pathos in each of us. The crusher commercial depicted a 1963 Gladiator being crushed at the junkyard, only to return in full transformation as a 2020 Jeep Gladiator. The new arrival proved stronger than the crusher could manage and kept its form steadfastly.

Here’s what two viewers had to say about it:

“I started to cry as the old one [was] crushed, but after I saw what happened […] oh let’s just say I’m impressed.”

“Wwwwwoooooooowwwwww b-e-a-utiful´╗┐.”

Legacy Lovers Question the Crusher Commercial

Most viewers were taken aback in a positive light. However, some were not so keen on the idea of Jeep squashing a classic in the crusher commercial, regardless of whether or not it was driveable.

Have you got thoughts on the video itself? We posted it here, so feel free to share your tear-jerking takeaways in the comments.

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